Our most beloved mug is here perfect for all the crazy plant mamas! Glass mugs are almost everywhere now, but not this green one, so beautiful that you’ll want to internally scream every time you see it in your cabinet. It Holds about 12 oz of your favorite drink; hand blown and made of borosilicate [...]


Delicate in appearance, yet well crafted and strong. A comfortable wooden handle conforms to your grip while pure copper loops offer a superior experience. Real copper is an ideal medium because as copper comes in contact with egg whites, its molecules bond with the egg proteins and make them more pliable and able to expand [...]


Handcarved Platter with our signature chiseled edge and a carved out center. Use for:Presentation & ServingTurkey, Meat, or Cheese Board Features:Single Hand-holeNon-Riser, flat, bottom.12″ wide x 30″ long.


Material: WoodColor: As the pictureSize: (L)X(W): 18X4cmPackage included: 1Pcs Wooden SpoonFeature 1: for eatting ice cream, desserts, or any other foodFeature 2: New fashion, take more pleasure for your life.Date: 5-29


A cup of tea to saving the environment, perhaps? Whether you’re going for a chat with the besties with that English Breakfast blend or going into meditation with that those fresh Jasmin leaves, this stainless steel tea strainer will have you sipping on all that tea goodness, without the guilt of waste. Get the most [...]


Soft, absorbent, and made from 100% cotton, these terrycloth towels are just what your kitchen needs. Eliminate paper towels and unnecessary cleaning materials by using these to clean up after a grand cooking feast. Available in variants of blue, red, coffee, green, and orange, you’ll for sure add some vibrancy while you cook dinner for [...]


The days of plastic bags are officially numbered! The perfect solution to reusable food storage and snack packing is here. In four adorable colors, you get a temperature resistant silicone bag that’s easy to clean, easy to pack, and completely sealable! Perfect for taking snacks to work, packing lunches and storing pesky leftovers for another [...]


Sugar bowl and Creamer set of 2 in black matte stoneware with a glossy white lid. Inspired by the ceramics of Eva Zeisel, the EVA teaset embodies her design philosophy of attracting the hand as well as the eye. Simple, elegant and delightful to handle, the Eva teaset won the 2014 Golden A’ Design Award for [...]


Set the tone for a sustainable lifestyle by committing to sustainable materials one spoon at a time. These minimalistic yet bohemian spoons have minimal impact on the envrionment and give you the sturdiness of wood, and comfort in knowing they are made of sustainable material. Wooden spoons are a classic statement of sustainable living and [...]


Walnut & maple hardwood butcher block. 

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