Girl From Space. Book 1. On a Space Mission by Nadia Han Category: Christian Fantasy. 168 pages. Hardcover. Print ISBN: 978-1-952532-14-6 About the Book: To protect her free thoughts and big vision, Girl From Space creates the White Spaceship. It is a capsule deep inside her head. Girl From Space has some friends with her [...]

Journals and Writing

Acrylic Paint Marker (12-Pack)


These brilliantly colored acrylic paint markers from Schooled by Paper® are smooth and blendable, dry fast, and won’t fade with washing. They can be used on all Schooled by Paper bags as well as most other surfaces. Colors include: imperial red, royal orange, lemon yellow, carolina blue, navy blue, mint green, forest green, royal purple, [...]

Journals and Writing

Vertex Pen


Whether you’re signing checks at the office, or casually writing on a hiking trip, our handcrafted pens are sure to make every letter an experience. Our “Vertex” style pens feature a magnetic cap that can be snapped onto the back end of the pen during use. Never lose the cap again! All of our wood pens [...]

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