Say goodbye to messy liquids and wipes.Sterilize anything with the touch of a button and protect yourself from viruses and harmful bacteria. No water, no chemicals, no mess. Our Patented Wanderclean technology generates powerful germicidal UV-C with an unrivaled light intensity at 4.4mW/cm2, which is precisely 3.25x more powerful than other products currently available.


Not only does this stainless steel cooler come in bold, saturated colors, it delivers on what really matters–room for a 6-pack of bottles. Or 2 rows of cans. You do you. We don’t judge. Fits upright bottles or two rows of cans with room for ice Metal exterior, plastic interior Bottle opener on side Locking [...]

Avant Cards feature original photography.

They come in Mini & Large sizes.

Mini Cards are 2.5"x2.5" Large measures 4"x4"

Each card comes with a brown kraft envelope.

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