Our Lamborghini Triangle Earrings are made from two different Lamborghini Gallardo supercars. We carefully cut slender elongated triangles from a black Aventador and punched round discs from the aluminum metal of a Lambo Gallardo painted a bright blue called Monterey Blue. The round discs are set into sterling silver earring posts, and the sleek black triangles are attached with sterling silver components.

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Our one of a kind Porsche Gemstone Cuff is truly unique. We used metal from a white Porsche Carrera for our cuff base. Hand fabricated sterling silver settings were riveted onto a stainless steel strip cut from the wheel cover of a Mercedes G550. The center setting holds a faceted rose cut ruby, which is flanked by abstract triangular pieces of druzy agate in a gorgeous violet-blue color.


Take this Ferrari on a test drive! This stunning cuff is made from the fender of a Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale. The color is rosso corsa— a gorgeous, vibrant red. Two stainless steel stripes from a Mercedes G-550 cross over the top of the cuff to form an elongated X design.


Now you can wear three luxury cars at the same time when you slip on our Triple Threat Cuff. We cut metal from a white Tesla, a sparkly silver Porsche Panamera, and stainless steel from the wheel cover of a Mercedes G550, and wove them together to create this intricate and elegant cuff.


Can't decide between a Ferrari or Lamborghini? Rivalry set aside, we decided to bring the two together to create an epic cuff. The gray 'base' cuff is made from the metal of a Huracan in sparkly Grigio Lynx, and the black strip running alongside the Lambo's edge is made from the metal of a Ferrari Portofino in Nero. The Ferrari strip is only riveted at each end of the Lamborghini so that it actually moves a bit. We could have left it at that point, but instead, we decided to place a stamped steel decorative piece onto both sections of the cuff. We immediately thought of a peacock spreading its feathers, so copper rivets were added to symbolize the peacock feather 'eyes' and also to adhere it to the cuff itself.


We sourced metal from a BMW in a sparkly bright blue color to create this striking cuff. Two intertwined narrow strips of hammered yellow brass and shiny copper stretch across the length of the cuff and secured with rivets at each end. The brass and copper's hammered surface allows light to reflect in all directions.


We made this cuff from the fender of a 2013 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S in a gorgeous silver-gray color. We then added thin strips of stainless steel taken from the wheel cover of a Mercedes-Benz G550 and formed a cross-over pattern. The metal is aluminum, so it’s very light and versatile.


We sourced metal from the fender of a deep blue Mercedes SL450 to create this amazing cuff. After cutting, sanding, and shaping the wide cuff, we riveted a steel stamped butterfly onto the Mercedes metal using copper rivets. After that, we carefully outlined the butterfly with a metal burr, scraping away the factory paint to reveal the shiny silver aluminum underneath. The silver outline delineates the butterfly form and enhances the cuff's sculptural feel.


These elegant cuff links are made from "Fordite," or "Detroit Agate," which is a 'stone' made from layers upon layers of cured auto-paint. The layers of dried car paint eventually build up into a chunk of "rough," which is then cut and polished into cabochons filled with swirling kaleidoscopes of color. The fordite rounds are set into 20 mm round sterling silver settings.

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