Nourish your day with Brothee at the Artsy Flea!


56b509a081ea9Brothee is devoted to providing tasty, nurturing broth-based foods designed to promote health and well-being for the body and planet by using high quality local and organic ingredients. In our arsenal, we have our delicious grass-fed beef and chicken bone broth, and for our vegan friends, we have a delightful vegan mushroom broth! We also offer quality, artisanal small-batch organic grass-fed ghee or coconut oil ‘butters’ to blend with our broths to create a creamy, nutritionally rich beverage.

Come grab some for yourself at the Artsy Flea from 10am-3pm! It’s a perfect way to energize and nourish yourself throughout the day. #theartsyflea #oddmarketla @oddmarket

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Summer Sisters is back with Artsy Flea!

Hey Fellas! Shop your new armswag or your V day gifts at Summet Sister’s booth tomorrow from 10-3. Or stop by to ask us some fashion tips too! #theartsyflea #oddmarketla


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