Modern Chairs That Stand Out In Unexpected Ways

Chairs have been around for ages and they’re believed to have been invented by the ancient Egyptians. Today we take them for granted and we have tons of different types and styles to choose from. A chair is more than just a functional piece of furniture. It can also become a focal point and a decorative feature for the space that it’s a part of. Different types of chairs have been specially customized to suit different types of spaces such as offices, living rooms, dining areas and so on. It’s difficult to pick a favorite in these conditions so we chose several models to show you today.

The stylish Roxanne chair was designed by robby and Francesca Cantarutti. Their design studio is based in Buttrio and was founded in 1995. They focus on seating, this being the studio’s area of expertise since the beginning. This particular model has a minimalist and at the same time graphic allure. Its wooden structure is defined by both straight and curved surfaces which ultimately give the chair a robust but elegant appearance. The interior of the seat shell (backrest) is coated in leather and matches the seat, adding comfort to the piece.

The Colony armchair is a very versatile piece of furniture which can look amazing both in indoor and outdoor spaces. Its modern design is defined by a sleek but also very strong and sturdy frame which gives the chair a graphical and geometric look. The woven straw seat add a cozy vibe to the design. This is a casual piece of furniture which can fit in just about any type of space. Furthermore, it comes in a wide variety of different colors and finishes.

The Isabel chair has a very familiar design. It’s very close to what a typical chair looks like in most people’s minds and also not that different from the ancient chairs that inspired everything that was to come. This is what you would choose for a modern dining room. It’s a chair with a steel frame and no armrests. It has a strong and sturdy construction and its seat and backrest are completely covered in either fabric, synthetic nubuck, micro nubuck, synthetic leather or soft leather.

This is a lounge armchair, a hybrid piece of furniture part of the Rafael series designed by Paola Navone. It’s an outdoor piece of furniture best suited for large decks, terraces and poolside lounge spaces. The frame of the chair is made of either brushed or pickled teak wood and the seat and back cushions are available in a variety of different fabric options with various colors and patterns.

This is Pillow, a chair without any arms or backrest which makes it rather similar to a stool or a pouf. However, it’s more than that. This is a statement piece with a very suggestive name. Visually, it looks as if it’s made of three pillows which are somehow perfectly balanced. That allows the Pillow to immediately become a focal point and to stand out in any environment. You can use this as a quirky accent piece for areas such as the living room, bedroom or even your studio or home office.

The Alpe chair has a very distinctive and unusual design. As you might have guessed from the name, the design of the chair and in particular the backrest mimic the shape of a mountain. These are no sharp edges or “peaks” so it’s more like a soft, rounded hill rather than a mountain. What’s interesting is how this idea was materialized into a design that’s not only visually interesting and different than other similar furniture pieces but also well-balanced and comfort-oriented.

The Up series designed by studio Mobboli is interesting for a variety of different reasons. It has a simple and modern design with a beautiful geometry and the ability to adapt to a variety of different decors and spaces. It’s also space0efficient, allowing multiple pieces to be stacked in order to save space. They form a vertical tower which actually looks nice even in this form. Moreover, you can get it in numerous different colors and different sizes. Create your own custom collection.

This…doesn’t look like a very comfortable chair…and yet it is. The Chiquita is a stool with a round seat that doesn’t seem to follow the rules. It’s made of vertical sections of rattan poles and high-density foam. The poles sink in and bounce back when you sit on them which allows the stool to be surprisingly comfortable. The seating experience is definitely unlike anything else and that alone makes this a great accent piece for a cool and modern home.

A single glance is enough to understand where the inspiration for this chair’s design came from. This is the Peacock chair. It’s a modern and artistic version of the traditional wicker chair with a design that stands out. Its frame curves and twists forming a circular base which transitions into a tall backrest made of two peacock feathers that wrap around the seat. You can get this chair in three color options which include green, blue and a more natural rattan nuance.

The Calder series designed by JAN KOCHAŃSKI includes among other things a set of stylish chairs. The tubular frame holds slightly curved seat and backrest panels made of molded plywood or solid wood. Although simple, the chairs stand out and are actually very versatile. There’s a noticeable contrast between the frame and the seat, mostly in terms of proportions. The chairs are thus comfortable thanks to the soft and padded seats, backrest and armrests but they’re also sleek and lightweight.

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