You are about to experience a whole new way of connecting with your customers. Unlike Chat services, GO Live is on-demand real time live video calling. Within seconds of anyone pressing the GO Live button on any of your product pages, they will be connected to you with one on one video!  

If you miss a call or need to get back to a customer to answer a question, simply go to the call logs on the app and hit INVITE. The system will text and email the customer informing them you are online and ready to GO Live. 

The Charter Subscription is only $65 per month and you can cancel at anytime. Regular Subscription rate after the first 100 is $85 per month. Charter members are grandfathered in at the $65 per month rate for as long as they keep their subscription activate. 

Level Price  
Go Live Charter Subscription 100 $65.00 per Month. Select

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