Good Bye Artsy Flea. Welcome Back Odd Market.

Phillip Dane

Don’t get me wrong, I love our Flea Louie character.flea-2-600px I just happen to really love the Odd Market brand. For those who are interested in how the name came about, read on as I will tell you.

A bunch of years ago my wife Shelly and I were asked to produce a series of events at Casa Vertigo in the Pico Union District. As much as I am not a fan of the area for producing events, we did fall in love with the building (not the name). We clearly were not about to call the new venture anything with Vertigo in the title. So after touring this amazing place, I turned to Shelly and said we need a great name for this show. Without skipping a beat she says, The Odd Market. And why you ask? Casa Vertigo was originally home to the Odd Fellows. We did a couple of shows there but the location was a killer. But the name Odd Market just stuck. So we are back to The Odd Market.

That’s it… – Phillip

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