Ganesha is coming to Odd Nights at the Aurty

Ganesha Bags

55d50eeba7099Hello Ganesha Fans,
The Indian Handicrafts company from Riverside California is heading down to LA. My company’s products are all 100% Made in India, 100% Hand Artisan, 100% Hand Embroidered, and most of all 100% Hand Crafted straight from India.

My company specialize in Handbags, Shoulder Bags, Hobo Bags, Cross Body Bags, Hand Painted Jewellery Boxes, Hand Painted Coasters, Batik Print Skirts, Wine Covers, Clutch Purses, etc.

#oddmarketla #OddNightsAtTheAutry

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We are soooo excited to be in the lineup at Odds Nights at the Autry this Friday night, and were in the p.o.p. kitchen last night making batches of our fresh and toasty butter crunch for the event. We’re bringing a bunch of super delish fan fave flavors. Come by […]


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