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We need your help. We are a family run small business producing family-centric events since 1991. If you enjoy our events like Odd Nights at The Autry, the Los Feliz Flea or any of the many other events we produce throughout the year, please consider donating to keep our business afloat through this very difficult time. From our family to yours, be safe and together we will make it through. Thank you. -Phillip and Shelly

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The Odd One
Phillip Dane

Since 1991 we have been producing events to support small businesses. Things have all changed now. We have been thrown into the unknown and the future of events is unclear even beyond the pandemic brought on by COVID-19.

We formed this crowdfunding campaign for 2 reasons. 1. We are in need of help from those of you who enjoy the events we produce and have the means to kick in some dough to help us keep afloat. 2. We are creating something unlike anything on the planet. Go Live! Odd Market is the Uber/Zoom/Etsy Platform that we are launching in 3-4 weeks. It is the future. Without giving too much away, Go Live! Odd Market is cutting edge. It’s fun. It’s how small businesses can immediately benefit and engage with customers. Customers will be able to interact live via video and sound with shops and vendors from around the country. We will have live performances featuring music, comedy, and magic. We are launching the Meet the Makers Series where you will get to know our store owners and Vendors through a Q&A Series and much more.

We are raising the rest of the money to complete the new platform that will enable Vendors and Store owners to create a virtual store with live video and audio on a completely re-designed Odd Market website.

In the 30 years of producing events, never have we been faced with something as crippling Covid-19. Not only us but the thousands of Vendors who depended on events to earn their livelihood as also displaced. Many of whom that also had day jobs are now faced with unemployment. Stores all over have shut down and we had to make a move.

For the past 4 weeks, we have been working around the clock working with a team of top-notch techies and together we have already begun creating a platform so unique and powerful that it will thrive as the new normal for operating even after the pandemic is over.

Please help if you can by donating something to help us both stay in business as well as create the future of the event business.

VENDORS AND STORES: We are selling 20 Charter Subscriptions to Go Live! Odd Market. It’s a $2100 value for only $250! Plus, we will include you in our Meet the Makers Series. A split-screen interview Q & A that will be featured on the site.

Thanks, and from our family to yours, be safe!

Phillip & Shelly Dane

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Vendor & Store Charter Subscription Go Live! Odd Market. $2100 Value

Charter Subscription Go Live! Odd Market. $2100 Value

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