Our Food Truck Booking
is now done 
exclusively through
Bistro Planet

You are NOT required to use the Bistro Planet App. This is a free to use “stand-alone” Booking platform that is super easy to use.

Scroll Down for instructions if you are not familiar with Bistro Planet 

Below are the instructions

1. Follow this link https://partner.bistroplanet.com and log in with your email and password if already registered with Bistro Planet.

2. If you haven’t registered yet please please register at http://oddmarket.bistroplanet.com

3. Lastly, If you have any issues please contact Bistro Planet Team at partner@bistroplanet.com and they will take care of you. Please make sure to specify your Truck name in the email.

Bistro Planet created technology that will benefit all of us in a long run. If you have any questions on how to use the technology, Bistro Planet has a built in chat support that can help you on things like booking lots and more.