First Flea since 2013! Very Exciting stuff.

Coming Sunday, April 28th (Every 4th Sunday)

It’s really hard to believe that the last Flea Market we produced was the DT Flea in 2013! If you know my wife and me, you’d understand our excitement in bringing an East Side Flea to the hood. And what better place than Marshall High to host this at. Many don’t know that Grease was filmed at Marshall High. It’s a beautiful campus and offers the perfect backdrop for what we hope will quickly become a Sunday destination. Imagine great finds, cool music, great food and all in your backyard.

When I as a young kid growing up in New York City (Upper East Side), I’d count the days til Sunday to either visit the John Jay Flea or the GreenFlea Market on 77th and Columbus. I’d walk with my dog to John Jay if I was not up for a trek. But most days, the Trek was where it was at. We’d walk from 85th and York to Fifth Avenue then through Central Park, across to the West Side and over to 77th. And there it was… the mother of all Flea’s. At least to me, it was. Nothing was cooler than spending a Sunday rummaging through stuff I didn’t really need and with no real way of getting it back to my apartment but it was what we did, every Sunday that I was in town. Meeting good friends after to grab some brunch then walking home to find the perfect home for my finds in the apartment.

The cool thing about GreenFlea was the layout. There is a parking lot full of pop-ups and then there was the “higher end” indoor converted cafeteria, full of jewelry and rare finds. Ironically, that is the same layout of the Los Feliz Flea. At the start, we will be on the basketball courts but plan on expanding into the cafeteria similarly to the GreenFlea design.

I can smell that space I once walked through as a kid while writing this and that is what we want Los Feliz Flea. A good smell of old books and jewelry and rare finds of long ago (like 1980). Wonderful memories of when I was younger and was first introduced to Flea Marketing. It was why I started the Fairfax High Flea Market (by accident too) but that is for another day.

Thanks for all the support over the past 27 years! Shelly and I hope to see lots of familiar faces in the coming weeks.



Photo: 2013 DT Flea on 3rd and Hope.