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Experience an L.A. virtual reality center where you can be a Jedi fighting Stormtroopers or John Wick fighting criminals

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be on Tatooine, the sandy planet Anakin Skywalker hated, and fight the infamously bad-at-aiming Stormtroopers? Well, hold on to your lightsabers because the new IMAX VR Center, a.k.a the video arcade of your escapist dreams, has answered your prayers and opened its doors across from the Grove. Titled “Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine,” the experience will have you jumping in the middle of an intense battle against incoming Stormtroopers, all the the while worrying about little R2-D2 and a damaged Millennium Falcon.


VR Pods at the IMAX VR CenterPhotograph: Courtesy IMAX VR

If you’re not a big Star Wars fan, there are plenty of other adventures for you to try. The second most popular experience in the lineup is “John Wick Chronicles,” coinciding with the upcoming Keanu Reeves sequel. You get to play as the invincible Wick using a multitude of cool weapons as you fight fellow deadly assassins. Not all experiences involve blasters and guns though; in “Eagle Flight” you can literally be a bird and fly around Paris. Fans of escape rooms can try “The Basement,” where you’ll get fifteen minutes to solve puzzles and investigate how you can get out of there. There’s also a half hour sampler for the casual observer who just wants a small taste of virtual reality.

Some of these experiences can be downloaded and enjoyed at home for those lucky enough to be equipped with hi-tech VR gear. But for the rest of us, it’s just a short trek to Fairfax boulevard. Timed tickets are available now on the IMAX website. Check out the trailer for “Trials on Tatooine” below.

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