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Foodie Friday at The Autry Load In

All you need to know before you arrive.

To see your booking, please do not call or email us before you check online. Log In > Go to My Profile > and go to My Bookings.


Here are some basics:


Load-in is from 2:00 pm – 4:15 pm.


Load-in is from 3:30 pm – 4:00 pm.

You will pull to your space and unload. Do NOT set up until you park in the Vendor Lot located next to the event space. A map will be posted before you arrive.


Power is provided for 10×10 pop-ups but only for LED or CFL low-wattage lighting; the bistro string LED lights are the best. You are limited to 80 watts per booth. If you go over 80 watts, you will blow the power for multiple booths. 




Space Numbers are on the curb, and we will assist you in finding your booth. There are marks located at the rear of your space, and your tent legs must line up with those marks. ONLY STRAIGHT LEG TENTS are permitted.

You must be set up by 5 PM when we open.

No early breakdowns! We go until 10 PM. Cars will be allowed in to load out when it is deemed safe to do so. You will enter the same way you did when you arrived, and please be mindful of other vendors trying to get out as well.

Leave your space clean. We charge $100 if your space is left with trash, including the plastic tie-downs! We want to get out of there too.

Tents, Tables, and Chairs are not included in the booth fee. Please bring everything you need to set up.


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