Band Registration

We are always looking for bands to perform at Odd Nights. Here are some details.

Must be original non-licensed music.

We do not compensate for bands to play. You may sell merchandise though.

We provide the PA System and an Engineer and the following equipment:

Power for your gear (there will be power strips to the left and right for guitar or bass amplifiers)
Or JBL subs and tops powered by Crown amps
16 Channel Yamaha mixer.
3 monitors for vocals (QSC K10)
2 mics for vocals
2 mics for guitars
XLR cable that connects to your Bass Amplifier and routes directly into PA mixer.
DI for keys or sub-mixer.
a 4 mic set up for Drums (kick, hi-hat, stereo overhead).
I also have an extra Stereo DI just in case you need one.
Here is how I usually set up my inputs on my mixer.
1-4 (Drums) Kick, HH/SNARE, Overhead, Overhead
5 - Guitar
6 - Guitar
7 - Bass
8 - Keys
9 - Open
11- Vocal
12- Vocal
13- Line input
14 -Line Input
15/16 - stereo Ipad or DJ playback.
Sound Check:
I usually do a very thorough sound check with the first band and then adjust accordingly in between sets (usually a half hour before set time)
There will be signs posted for Band load in (directly in front of the museum), if you want to make things smoother during load in, you can send someone to my area (side entrance of the museum) and I'll give you a cart that you can use to load and unload your gear.
Set Times: 7:30 & 9:00
45 - 60 mins each set.
If you would like to be considered to perform, please complete the form below. Completing the form will create a profile on our site.
Phillip & Shelly Dane

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