After 80 years at the Original Farmers Market, Gill’s Ice Cream Parlor closes up shop

Phillip Dane

There are a number of reasons why today is probably difficult for some people, but the announcement that Gill’s Ice Cream Parlor is closing puts the proverbial cherry on top.

Los Angeles Magazine brings word that the 80-year-old ice cream shop, owned by Jody Gill, will be serving its last scoop of soft serve on February 2. So what brings about the impending closure? It’s not a raise in rent prices, but a cosmetic demand—the Original Farmers Market has asked Gill’s to get rid of its retro vibe and instead update the façade with a more modern decor. Jody’s father, Bob Gill, was the original owner and responsible for the parlor’s funky, whimsical design; after choosing not to comply with the market’s request, the family-owned business has decided to close instead. 

The article goes on to mention that another old-fashioned ice cream shop will be moving into Gill’s place. But we’ll miss this 80-year-old staple—one of the Market’s very first vendors—and are rooting for its comeback elsewhere. It’s an important reminder that we, as diners and consumers, need to continue frequenting our favorite restaurants, ice cream parlors, coffee shops and bars—that checking out the newest eatery is fun, but supporting our go-to spots is just as important.

In the meantime, you can check out some of L.A.’s other venerable ice cream shops, and hope for a Gill’s reopening in the future. 

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