A giant pillow fight will take over Pershing Square this weekend

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A massive pillow fight free-for-all is taking place in Downtown’s Pershing Square this weekend, should you feel a need to whack a bunch of strangers with a soft, fluffy object. And who among us hasn’t felt that particular impulse, really?

International Pillow Fight Day comes to Los Angeles on Saturday, April 1, from 2:30pm to 5pm. That’s April Fool’s Day, but we’re pretty sure this event is actually real. In fact, the event is something of an annual tradition at this point, dating back to 2010.

Hundreds of pillow-toting warriors will fill Pershing Square Park and begin swinging around at every person they see. As feathers fly, DJs will provide a musical soundtrack and food trucks will be on hand to feed those who work up an appetite from all that thwacking.

If you’re going to attend, the organizers make two requests on their Facebook event: first, that you bring along brooms, rakes and garbage sacks to help clean up the feathers and scraps that will inevitably litter the plaza once the fight concludes, and, secondly, that you only fight with soft pillows. This is not the time to bring along a firm, button-tufted or zipper-closed couch cushion that could put someone’s eye out.

The event is totally free to attend, no tickets required. Just show up in some comfy clothes ready to get smacked in the face. Pillow Fight Day is family-friendly and kids are welcome to attend along with grown-ups looking for some kid-like fun.

International Pillow Fight Day Los Angeles 2017 takes place April 1, from 2 to 5pm with the pillow fight commencing at 2:30pm.

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