Meet the Makers Party

at Handcrafted LA

6pm - 10pm
700 South Flower Street

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Hi there ,

If you have not been to a Meet The Makers Party, you have a chance tomorrow. This monthly party is where we invite the public to come down to meet the fantastic makers that are showcased at our store.

Grab a cocktail and come see what inspires these great makers to do what they do. Hope you can make it.

Phillip & Shelly

PS. Yes, we are the ones that produce Odd Nights and Odd Market

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Maker: Meet Pedro Rojas

Hi. I'm excited to have the chance to help spread the word about Colombian leathers. I'm proud of my country and glad to be representing it with my beautiful handcrafted leather jackets and bags. I've been making leather jackets with my family for 10 years now. I hope you like what you see and I know, just like the thousands of customers we had in Colombia, that you'll completely love wearing our leather jackets and bags.