4PM - 9PM

Kicking off Glassell Park Odd Market tomorrow

Kicking off Glassell Park Odd Market tomorrow
We are very excited to announce the launch of our newest (and very last minute) Odd Market in Glassell Park. So far the response has been fantastic! …

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Who's Coming

Belly Bombz: The concept for Belly BombZ was founded in early 2012 by chef/owner Albert Shim as a food stand at a local Long Beach farmer's market. Albert has been in the culinary field for nearly a decade working in the culinary undergrounds of various catering companies, as well as fine dining restaurants around Orange County and Los Angeles. Albert's Korean roots combined with his classical French training is what drives the backbone concept of the menu.

Sabores de Mexico: Sabores de México was born from our restaurant - Howdys in Malibu - with the same quality, ingredients, and love!

Spitz: Spitz is serving up the most delicious Mediterranean cuisine you’ll find on the streets of LA. Using traditional recipes and authentic seasonings, Spitz has crafted a mouthwatering menu that features tender and juicy kebabs, delicious salads, and other Mediterranean favorites.

The Surfer Taco: The Surfer Taco served Los Angeles area for several years and offers a variety of locally inspired food

Thai Fusion Tacos: Thai fusion tacos.

Churro Stix: Churro Stix sells handcrafted, freshly made churros, served with sauces and ice cream
3342 Verdugo Road Los Angeles California