Baldwin Hills Crenshaw 70 Years Strong

This is an amazing event featuring 20 pops ups and 10 food trucks.

Celebrating 70 years of the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall!
Curated by The Odd Market

Expected attendance: 5000
Sept 9th 2pm - 5pm
10x10: $100
*tents may be included in the price. Awaiting final on that.
Beginning in the 1930s, South Central Los Angeles became the premier center of West Coast jazz, fostering local and touring musicians and as a result acquired the nickname “the Harlem of the West.”
As part of Baldwin Hills Crenshaw’s vision to revitalize a strong community vibe, we have embraced our musical past to engage the neighborhood by providing entertainment programming that is culturally relevant to an underserved urban demographic. It is through music and arts we strive to revitalize our Los Angeles community and energize the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw brand.
This unique history offers Baldwin Hills Crenshaw and its partners a great opportunity to become a truly innovative voice in the Los Angeles market and to contribute to establishing Baldwin Hills Crenshaw as a shopping, dining and entertainment destination for all to experience and enjoy!