20% off flash sale

Ends Midnight July 12th

Book 1 or multiple events and grab a 20% discount off the TOTAL!

The Autry
$125 ($100)
The Bloc
$50 ($40)
Faith Evans
$100 ($80)

Offer is for Pop Ups Only.

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The Bloc: 7th & Flower
Wednesdays: 11a - 4p
Vendor Validated Free Parking
$50 ($40 with flash sale)

This is a fast growing weekly artisanal show with very limited space (7 booths) directly in front of the newly opened Craft Starbucks!

This is a quality over quantity show with the median income in The Bloc Office tower is $80k.

Book now with code: flash24 and it's yours for only 40 bucks!

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The Autry
3rd Friday's: 6p - 11p
Our Flagship show!
$125 ($100 with flash sale)

This is such a fun and cool event. Great people and a beautiful setting. Now in our 3rd year!

We are excited about a brand new layout for vendors that will guarantee everyone gets seen!

We have never offered a flash sale on Odd Nights. Book now with code: flash24 and save $25!
7th Anniversary of the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall!
Saturday, Sept 9th 2-6p
Over 5000 people attending.

This is a very special event happening in the parking lot with 10 food trucks (sold out) and 20 pop up booths.

$100 ($80 with flash sale) Book Now: use code: flash24 and save.