Enough with the Grandstanding

Let's Set the Record Straight!

I think enough is enough with the Grandstanding and insane rumors and straight up lies revolving around Bistro Planet. I apologize in advance if this rubs some of you the wrong way but I certainly have no time to waste on this subject anymore and I assume you are interested in operating your business to the best of your ability as well.

For those scratching their heads, you can skip this eBlast.

Bistro Planet is all about this industry and how to make YOU more money if you choose to and making ordering easy for those who want that. Pretty simple stuff really.

And I make ZERO from Bistro Planet. I have no ownership stake and not on any commission. Although I probably should, to be honest.

I decided to use BP "booking platform" because in my 26 years of producing events, it is far superior to anything I have seen and that includes my own proprietary system. It is FREE to use and does NOT require you, the truck owner to use the app and take online orders.

With that said, you will never hear threats from me "use x and you can't book with me" as if it's not hard enough to operate a truck. If you are going to "ban together" for anything it should be against bullying and anyone that makes life more difficult. No?

Bistro Planet has been accused of trying to take over lots. In my first-hand experience that is NOT true. Period.

Another rumor: You must use the APP in order to use the booking software. NOT true. And unlike other booking companies, it's FREE! Let's see:

You can call or text me and ask me to invite you to a shift you see is available but you can't book it because you are driving... no problem. Or, you want to see what trucks are at the lot or you want to grab a bunch of shifts but don't want competing cuisines and the list goes on. Bad thing?

How are we doing so far? Pretty straight forward stuff, no?

Next... The APP:

There is an ON and OFF button. Let's start with that little gem. Here's a scenario:

The overwhelming complaints are:

I don't do VIP Lines, cut lines, etc.
See, I order out a lot! I love this restaurant in Los Feliz and they don't deliver. I call them and put my order in and they say, "be ready in 30 mins" at which point I walk in and grab my delicious steak. I say "thanks" and leave.

Should they tell me, sorry you have to come in and order and wait because we have a lot of people here in the restaurant? I'd never eat there again.

You are a mobile restaurant. Sales are key correct? If you are at The Bloc lets say and lines are manageable and you can HANDLE some additional orders and really wish there were some, TURN on the APP. Take orders from the surrounding buildings and make the money. If the lines are too long, turn OFF the app. Again, pretty simple.

Or "It will overwhelm my chef" - Turn it OFF. Get comfortable with it. When things die down, Turn it on and accept some orders.

What if the business did get that busy? Isn't that the goal? How about get a kid out in front of the truck with a Bistro Planet shirt for $10 and hour and grab yourself an additional 30+ tickets? There are lots of things we can do together. This should be fun people. Hard work and fun.

You have worked hard to be where you are. I want you to remain in business. You can jump on the insane bandwagon or get down to business.

A Booking Agent was recently quoted on a blog, as saying that I think only of myself and that's why he will not do business with me. Perhaps I was sick of dealing with an apartment manager/booking agent who has no respect for what I do, the costs involved and how hard it is to produce events that benefit the food truck industry?

Enough is enough. Book with me or don't but know this about me. I will not tolerate bullying or lies but I WILL go to the mat for my food trucks spending money with me all day long. 140 GFT's applied to do my events and growing. Some of you have been with me for 10 years. Thank you for that!

I am an Event Producer. Events and Lots cost money. I am not getting wealthy off of the sweat of food trucks and I like to think of myself as someone who respects the work you do and how hard it is to make it in this business. I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. But I have the same cell number 323-630-9795, and email phillip@theoddmarket.com and am always open to hearing from food truck operators whether it's good or bad.

I have your back. I will listen. I love food trucks. I want you to book with me if you feel it's a good fit. Or feel free to book with Bary, Matt/Patrick, Omayra, etc.

I have been reading your threads for years. I honestly try to hear what you are saying even when I am attacked and make adjustments that benefit all. This is a rough business. More trucks shut their doors for good than stay open. You really want to find out first hand the deal with Bistro Planet and why I am supporting them, ask me directly.

I will be hosting twice a month a meet and greet at WeWork in Hollywood and in DTLA to answer questions, hear concerns and just have some fun. Space is limited but I hope you take me up on it someday.

Let's put an end to the grandstanding, lies and rumors. It hurts the food trucks more than you can imagine.

Thanks for your time and wish you nothing but the best!

- Phillip Dane

PS.. you can now book if you'd like :)