Just for you Vendors!

I am going to start updating vendors on what's going on in the Odd Market world. We have 3 for you today.
  1. Instagram & Odd Market
  2. The Bloc and rebranded Odd Market.
  3. Reach over 50,000 people with Status
Phillip Dane

New! Link your Instagram now and keep images fresh.

This is an awesome new feature where you can link your Instagram feed to your profile on Odd Market. We all use Instagram or should be at least. This new feature works in the background after you link it once.

Here's how to do it:

1. Log in to
2. On your Profile Page, you will see Instagram.
3. Allow Instagram to be imported and you're done.

Odd Market at The Bloc

The Bloc is located on 7th and Flower. It is one of the most watched properties in DTLA. Even though still major construction happening, it is quickly gaining traffic and recognition.

The weekly artisan show was dubbed the Market on the Square but as of this Wednesday, it will officially become Odd Market at The Bloc. I have 7 very cool white branded tents now which we will be setting up each week thanks to our Sponsor, Bistro Planet.

New signs are being put up and a new social media campaign is launching. This coupled with the new Starbucks opening slated for May 26th will most certainly put Odd Market on the Bloc... On The Map!


What's STATUS? Think of Facebook "What's on your mind"

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Odd Market at The Bloc
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