A personal note to all Vendors

A personal note to all Vendors
To be a Vendor today, in the midst of Covid-19 is something I have a difficult time wrapping my head around. As event producers, we are also struggling with the idea that we will not be producing anything until May as we follow the CDC guidelines. We are hopeful they change this but at the moment that's where we stand.

I can only imagine the stress all of our vendors must be going through and today the CDC is requesting all events be canceled until the beginning of May. And if you’ve got a pulse you’re probably pretty nervous about making money with all the events being canceled. But here’s something you can do right now which can perhaps help during these tough times. Log into theoddmarket.com and when the pop up asking if you want to open a store appears…. Click yes! Just stay with me here for a couple of minutes. (You have to log in with your username and password to activate the pop-up that will start the process)

We have over 50,000 customers and they want to support you. So, I will be tugging on their heartstrings to support you, our Vendors and to continue purchasing from you even if they can’t get to you at an event. But unlike Etsy and others, we have a highly targeted audience. That means you don’t get lost among 2 million stores! It’s easy to get started and even easier if you already have an e-commerce store on another platform. Plus, you’ll have me. I will personally walk you through the process using Upscope which allows me to be on your site with you and step by step and within 30 mins you’ll be a pro!

So, take a minute, log into theoddmarket.com and wait for the pop up to appear asking you to set up your store. Then create your store name. That’s it. Now, wait for me to activate the store. When you get your confirmation email, log back in and under the Vendor Area drop-down select Request Onboarding, pick a time you will have 30 mins to be in front of your computer and make the appointment.

Now more than ever we need to invite our more than 50,000 customers to come to support our Vendors. They will. But if you aren’t on board then I guess I’ll just wait to see you in May.

Which leads me to the Event Industry. Odd Nights kicks off its 7th season on May 15th and people will be going bonkers to get to an event. Savvy vendors already realize this and have been booking up May-August faster than years past. I strongly suggest not dwelling in the current state of things as May will be upon us in no time. Life will go on and come May it will be Event Season on steroids! Book Events starting in May now at the odd market.com and please set up your store today. We start our Daily eCommerce Newsletters tomorrow. We will be promoting new store openings, handpicking cool items and really urging our customers, now more than ever to support our Vendors during this very unsettling time.

Be safe and together we can get through this.

With Gratitude,
Phillip & Shelly Dane
The Odd Market

In Response to Corona &

Canceled Events

"Online shopping has risen since the Covid-19 virus"

CDC Shuts Down Events Until May

--Let's Make This Work--

If we can't bring the PEOPLE to us then we will bring US to the people!
Announcing our new Odd Market Marketplace.
Think of it as our exclusive Etsy type Marketplace.
Every one of our 3000+ Vendors now has the opportunity
to open their own online store on The Odd Market
and read why now is so important to move on this.

No other Event Company Can Offer This Unique Opportunity in an effort to help our Vendors during extremely challenging times.

Why our Online Store?
Simple. We have a following that loves to support our events and loves to support our Vendors. I will be reaching out to our 15,000 subscribers to help during this crisis when local artists and vendors are in dire straights. Events canceled everywhere and leaving them (you) with no way to make a living.

I already have an online store?
Awesome! Less work for you. Simply download a CSV file of your products and save it to your desktop. I will show you during your onboarding session how to easily, with a few clicks, upload your entire store. Our store is highly targeted to a specific demographic who wants to support our vendors and our events.

How do I market my store?
No matter which plan you go with, you will benefit from all the marketing we do to our subscribers, press relationships and through our marketing efforts. You can, of course, market your store through your channels but we will do the heavy lifting.

Is Onboarding Available?
Yes! Once you select the type of Membership (Free or Paid) you will then Request Onboarding from the Vendor Area Dropdown. You and I will be online together and screen share during the session. There is no software to download. It's as simple as clicking a button during our session.

Does it cost anything?
There are no fees to get your store set up. We offer a free account and two paid accounts. All accounts have a 20% commission rate paid to Odd Market. You, as the store owner, retains 80% plus the shipping and taxes.

What are the fees and how do I get paid?
Payouts are down automatically every 2 weeks through Paypal. You earn 80% of sales plus the taxes collected and ship fees.

How do I get started and how long does it take?
Getting started is very easy. Just log in to theoddmarket.com and you will see a pop-up inviting you to open your store. Click Get Started and your username and information will already be pre-entered. You simply select your Store Name and select the level of membership (Free, Standard or Pro). Once approved. Request an Onboard Session and we will get your store set up in less 30 mins.

Free or Paid. You choose.

Below is a screenshot of the Membership Page
You have three options ranging from a Free Account, Standard Account or a Pro Account. Details are listed on the Membership Signup Page which you will access after you log in. If you miss the Pop-Up, the sidebar will also have a link to the Membership Page as well as under the Vendor Area Dropdown.
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Full Control Front End Dashboard

Below is a screenshot of a Vendor Store Dashboard
You have complete control over the shipping, your store policies etc. You will see real-time sales reports, get notifications of sales and control virtually all aspects of your store. You access your Store Dashboard under the Vendor Area dropdown.
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Booking Now

We are currently booking Food Trucks and Vendors for Odd Nights at The Autry.
Space is filling up in the wake of so many events being closed down. We anticipate selling out sooner than in past years and we'd love to have you at Odd Nights.
This year we will be producing 4 shows only!
May through August.