Update: Corona and Rain

make for a crap show
We will not be producing the Los Feliz Flea tomorrow and most likely we will be re-opening in April. But we will keep everyone posted.
4x6 Los Feliz Flea Postcard

The Lastest

I will be meeting with the school this week to determine the course of action for the Los Feliz Flea. It seems the wise thing is to follow the LAUSD closure until the end of March. But this is a very fluid situation and one that could change in a day. I will continue to update everyone as to the re-open of the flea. Your bookings will be moved to the next date unless you request a different date.
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Our Response to Corona

If we can't bring the people to us then we will bring us to the people! Announcing our new Marketplace. Every one of our 3000+ Vendors now has the opportunity to open their own online store on The Odd Market.

I will be sending another newsletter out to all our vendors later tonight if I don't pass out from depression.

Why our Online Store?
Simple. We have a following that loves to support our events and loves to support our Vendors. I will be reaching out to our 15,000 subscribers to help during this crisis when local artists and vendors are in dire straights. Events canceled everywhere and leaving them (you) with no way to make a living.

We too depend on our supporters. This could be a very unique opportunity to open up a new line of sales and exposure in such a dark and troublesome time.

Keep an out for the next Newsletter as I will explain more in detail.

Be Safe. Be Smart. Be Well.

Phillip Dane