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JOIN US Tomorrow

Food Truckin' Flea Market in Los Feliz,

Sunday, September 15th

from 4pm - 8pm.

OMGC Parking Lot
2060 North Vermont
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Free Parking off Ambrose on Dracena
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Some of Tomorrow's Lineup

It came from planet earth
It Came From Planet Earth: We aim to provide a one of a kind leather line of fashion & costuming accessories and custom orders produced by our small in-house team of artists in Los Angeles
Eat Feelings
Eat Your Feelings Ice Cream: In 2015 our founder, Jason Apolinario, was going through a difficult but amicable breakup with his girlfriend of three years. The weekend that she was moving out, she texted him that she would probably cry into a bucket of ice cream for a month. He texted back “Salty Caramel Tears?", and from that, a company was born! Eat Your Feelings Ice Cream is an artisanal, organic ice cream brand. We create original flavors based on feelings and expressions, including Salty Caramel Tears, Cookie Doughn't Ever Call Me and Olive You Forever. We offer a full-service ice cream bar, including on-premise scooping and curated menu.
Spence Paints: is a local artist that sells hand-painted pieces of all sizes and price points. His work includes paintings of animals, landscapes and desert botanicals. He also has hand-painted magnets, stickers, and prints.
M beast
Mountain Beast: Jessica is a Herbalist from The Gaia School. She is always excited to brew something that nourishes The Beast Pack. Tonatzin is a Maker. If you need a table she will start sawing, if you need a basket she will start weaving. If you need to be nourished she helps Jessica brew.
Highland Hickory: was created by owner, proprietor and pitmaster Mike Turallo in 2017 with the mission of bringing delicious, distinctive barbecue to Los Angeles. Born and raised in St. Louis, Turallo's love of cooking started with large family gatherings as a child, and grew while he worked in several restaurant kitchens in the Saint Louis area during his teenage years.
Carina's Crystals: We are a small business from the San Fernando Valley started by me, Carina, a college student. My business sells crystal jewelry , loose crystals and incenses along with assorted home goods such as cemented Buddha figures. We have a vintage van that is part of our booth, it is a 1971 International Harvester step van
Rainbow Asian Taco is all about fusion, flavor, and fun! We are a GLUTEN-FREE FOOD TRUCK (with very few noted exceptions). We also make our own SOY-FREE chickpea tofu in-house. We have mindful, healthy options, including lettuce cups and salad bowls for those who prefer to cut carbs, and our Rainbow multi-grain rice for whole-grain goodness. We have options for everyone: Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescetarian, and, of course, Omnivore! We have tacos from different regions/countries in Asia, as well as flavorful and healthy drink options, and fun, delicious mochi ice cream flavors for dessert!
KindKinis is a swimwear company specializing in quality and trendy swimwear at affordable, transparent prices. When you purchase swimwear from us, a portion of the proceeds goes towards humanitarian projects—specifically towards building wells in Africa, India, and South America. KindKinis was founded in 2015 as a creative solution to ending the global water crisis, starting with Africa and South America. KindKinis sees how we can unlock human potential by providing reliable water projects to communities in Africa, India, and South America who suffer needlessly from a lack of access to clean water and proper sanitation.
farm f
Farm Fresh to You: Organic Produce is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program of connecting the community directly to the farm by delivering high quality, organic produce fresh from the farm to the doorstep
Kards By Angie is a handmade greeting card company we offer Greeting cards, Gift Bag Sets and Bookmarks.
noho 2
NoHo Studio: We make 100% soy wax candles that are made with essential oils and phthalate-free fragrances. Our soaps are 100% natural with no parabens, small-batch made with essential oils. We also sell handmade incense, handmade totes, handmade room sprays, handmade closet deodorizers. we have made quite a name for ourselves with our unique blend of aromas that we batch in our home studio. we have accumulated quite a following of loyal customers that we are very proud of.
The Whimsical Twin: 'All vintage clothing has been on a journey, where will you take it next?' We are an affordable vintage clothing and accessories company and we recently added a handmade collection. Currently selling online and at flea markets
Nadine.By.Nadia: The goal behind my design is to make pieces that will bring any outfit to life. A jewelry with attitude that still maintains elegance. Majority of my work is made on 100% upcycled genuine leather, which adds to the flexibility and versatility to almost every item. Edgy, chic and unique pieces!
CleanShot 2019-09-14 at 10.23.25
Mathnasium: “Children don’t hate math. They do hate being confused and intimidated by math. With understanding comes passion, and with passion comes growth – a treasure is unlocked.” -- Larry Martinek For more than a decade, the Mathnasium Method™ has transformed the way kids understand and appreciate math. Larry Martinek, creator of the Mathnasium Method, has spent 40+ years designing, developing, and refining this approach based on his extensive experience teaching math to kids. We build math knowledge upon what they already know - this helps kids learn quickly and boosts their confidence right away. We offer a FREE assessment and 2 FREE sessions for all students in grades 1-8.
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