We're kicking off the Food Truckin' Flea Market in Los Feliz today, September 8th from 4pm - 8pm.

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Food Truckin' Flea Market

Sunday's 4pm - 8pm
OMGC Parking Lot
2060 North Vermont
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Free Parking off Ambrose on Dracena
Red Glow Silversmith
Odd Village Boutique: offers women’s apparel in a variety of sizes-from small to 3x, as well as children’s clothing, mainly in sizes newborn to 7/8. New and up-cycled we find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect. Style, comfort, and quality are of the utmost importance to us and we aim to keep the looks fresh and the prices low. We curate our shop with hand-picked items that convey a real sense of individuality and boldness.
Tough Love Teethers
Tough Love Teethers: We are a family business making handcrafted eco & baby-friendly toys in badass designs like our famous Baby Knuckles Wooden Teething Rates. We started making wooden toys in our garage and took off with a viral video on in 2017. We make natural wooden Teethers for the modern family with a dark sense of humor and a concern for a safe product. We are looking to expand our presence at local markets and think we’re perfectly odd for your people!
Vchos: is actually spelled "bichos" and is a slang word used in Central America meaning young people. Wendy, the chef, is an El Salvador native. In El Salvador, Wendy mastered the traditional cooking of Central America. She traveled to Las Vegas in her 20s and began cooking in some of Vegas' finest restaurants. She then came to Los Angeles to create LA's first Central American-inspired gourmet food truck. Wendy brings to the table a taste of Central America with a fresh, modern twist. As for Donny, a Los Angeles native, he is just a vcho who is a fan of food! We specialize in fresh, homemade pupusas, a traditional Salvadoran plate. We have THE BEST PUPUSAS IN LA!--no grease and made fresh from scratch. Our sliders, with a Central American twist, are already famous, and our taquitos cannot be underestimated!
Eat Your Feelings
Eat Your Feelings Ice Cream: In 2015 our founder, Jason Apolinario, was going through a difficult but amicable breakup with his girlfriend of three years. The weekend that she was moving out, she texted him that she would probably cry into a bucket of ice cream for a month. He texted back “Salty Caramel Tears?", and from that, a company was born! Eat Your Feelings Ice Cream is an artisanal, organic ice cream brand. We create original flavors based on feelings and expressions, including Salty Caramel Tears, Cookie Doughn't Ever Call Me and Olive You Forever. We offer a full-service ice cream bar, including on-premise scooping and curated menu.
Conscientious clothing
Conscientious Clothing: is a socially and environmentally conscious brand hoping to inspire people to do the right thing. Handmade and Made in the USA are the cornerstones of our apparel. Bringing awareness to social and global issues is what is our destiny. Helping causes close to our hearts is our mission and saving animals is our ultimate goal.​​Conscientious Clothing is committed to sustainability. We only source made in the USA. We only use water base inks and use printers that are eco-friendly. Our shirt is made to help animals. The design is composed of 26 endangered species that are roaming on the land. Some are endangered and some are critically endangered.
Cerda Vega
Cerda Vega Taco: Lorenzo and Danny are Mexican-Americans with a passion for sharing their heritage with you. Lovers of food and a flair for fun, they bring the party and authenticity to your event while meeting your needs and exceeding expectations. ​We love seeing the faces of happy clients and their unsuspecting guests.
Booty Packs: I make handmade sports bags in fun prints! Fanny packs, backpacks, yoga bags. Kids and adults.
Board Bus
The Board Bus: The world's only, fully-stocked, walk-in, mobile skateshop - featuring skateboarding equipment and apparel from local and national brands. On The Bus, we try to promote skateboarding as the healthy and constructive activity that it truly is; we do our best to sell products that do the same. Likewise, our interior retail space is entirely solar-powered in an effort to support clean and renewable energy.
Farm Fresh to You
Farm Fresh to You: Organic Produce is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program of connecting the community directly to the farm by delivering high quality, organic produce fresh from the farm to the doorstep
Mathnasium: “Children don’t hate math. They do hate being confused and intimidated by math. With understanding comes passion, and with passion comes growth – a treasure is unlocked.” -- Larry Martinek For more than a decade, the Mathnasium Method™ has transformed the way kids understand and appreciate math. Larry Martinek, creator of the Mathnasium Method, has spent 40+ years designing, developing, and refining this approach based on his extensive experience teaching math to kids. We build math knowledge upon what they already know - this helps kids learn quickly and boosts their confidence right away. We offer a FREE assessment and 2 FREE sessions for all students in grades 1-8.
Highland Hickory
Highland Hickory: was created by owner, proprietor and pitmaster Mike Turallo in 2017 with the mission of bringing delicious, distinctive barbecue to Los Angeles. Born and raised in St. Louis, Turallo's love of cooking started with large family gatherings as a child, and grew while he worked in several restaurant kitchens in the Saint Louis area during his teenage years.
Mountain Beast
Mountain Beast: Jessica is a Herbalist from The Gaia School. She is always excited to brew something that nourishes The Beast Pack. Tonatzin is a Maker. If you need a table she will start sawing, if you need a basket she will start weaving. If you need to be nourished she helps Jessica brew.
spence paints
Spence Paints: is a local artist that sells hand-painted pieces of all sizes and price points. His work includes paintings of animals, landscapes and desert botanicals. He also has hand-painted magnets, stickers, and prints.
Roaming Italy
Roaming Italy: Chef Gavin mills and Mercedes Montijo are taking on a new venture and getting out of the traditional restaurant setting and bringing a different dining experience to the streets of Los Angeles. Both owners have worked in the city of Los Angeles for over 10 years and can’t wait to be cooking for the community. Being a chopped champion Chef Gavin is always willing to go beyond the normal and bring a new dining experience to the guest. Roaming Italy is an Italian truck that will bring communities together by connecting patrons with local farmers and chefs alike. We chose Italian food because we believe it really is the cuisine that showcases the produce and meat that we use. This is why we will be teaming up with local farms and ranches to help close the gap between the farms and the guest, We are calling ourselves a farm to the truck concept.
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