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The Wait Is Over... but where are you?

Think of it as you would Etsy (but without per item fees). Soon our thousands of website visitors will be able to shop your store online just as they would with ETSY. I have already created access for you. All you need to do is log in to and from the drop-down menu Vendor, you will see Store Manager. That's where you will set everything up. No special knowledge or coding, just straight forward instructions to upload a logo, description of the store, shipping terms and then add your items. Once the first item is added, you will show up in the Marketplace (will be launched when we have at least 10 Vendors onboard.)

Payment is done via PayPal (required) and you will be automatically paid out every 2 weeks to allow for returns. When the customer pays for an item, the funds are split 80/20 (80% to you) and held for 2 weeks and then triggered to send the funds to your PayPal. It's all automated.

You can manage inventory, see sales and setup shipping methods. There are no upfront setup costs. It's 100% Free to get started.


Log in. Go to Vendor drop to My Store Manager. The Tour will begin and walk you through the super-simple steps. Start with a few products if you'd like. I know you are busy and many of you have Etsy, Yahoo, eBay, Amazon etc. I get it. But this is a community of people that will not get lost in the millions of online stores! There is no fee to post items or to set it up.

All you need are products, a PayPal Account, and about 15 mins!

Visit The Shop.

The store is actually live now and on - Check it out.

We have 2 Shops but I am not waiting. This is too good an opportunity to pass up.

Thanks to Rockin Rubs and Dominque Arrigo Jewelry for getting the ball rolling.
rockin rubs
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You don't need to sell at our Events to sell Online.

Whether you sell at our events or don't, it doesn't matter. You can still reach thousands of potential buyers with your online presence. Here's the basic rundown:

  • You set up your store, add products, shipping terms and add your PayPal (required).
  • We will promote your store through our channels.
  • When a sale is made, you get notified.
  • You fulfill the order(s).
  • Payment is captured by PayPal and split in real-time. 80% to you. 20% Commission to us.
  • Your 80% sits in a reserve and is released every 2 weeks.
  • Please offer 14 return on goods sold.
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