Launch Delayed by a few days due to worldwide server crashes.

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We tried everything to get this going by 10am Today and we failed. I hate to fail. All is not lost though as we will get this going and we are aiming for Monday or Tuesday. You will know when you got to the Store on The Odd Market. Click to Visit a Store and there will be a Button to Go Live. That will Ring the Store Owner who, if is online can accept your call and now you two are live. This is all new stuff that we are coding at all hours of the day and night.

This is NOT the full functioning Virtual Platform we were planning. That one is coming soon but needs to be built on our own servers so we don't get affected like the rest of the world who shares servers other than Zoom. But the "Engine" that is powering our Virtual Market is the same engine and it's amazing!

Now All Subscriptions come with 14 Day Free Trial
7 Day - $50
14 Day - $125
30 Day - $175

With a heavy heart, I am sorry we didn't meet our goal to launch today but we are coming at you soon and pray that this will help thousands of vendors and stores.

We are also creating Community Markets where you will be able to shop local stores in the areas you live in, starting with CD4. Councilman Ryu is helping make this happen. Once live we will be discussing with other Los Angeles Councilmembers to add their Districts.

Thanks for understanding. Pray you and yours are safe. From our family to yours, we wish you a restful weekend.


Phillip and Shelly

The Odd Market

Surreal Times and Ground Breaking Tech born of Covid-19

What is the Virtual Odd Market?

Welcome to the Virtual Odd Market. Think Uber meets Zoom meets Etsy and then some. Vendors will have 24/7 access to our platform. Meaning Vendors can work the hours they want to within their subscription. Virtual Booths are rented by purchasing subscriptions. Vendors can purchase the three-day, 7-day what's 30-day subscription starting from only $50. Vendors now have 24/7 access to the platform. They can open their virtual booths whenever they want to work, similar to how Uber operates. If a vendor wants to go live at 1 AM, they simply log in and start selling. Virtual Odd Market has a "Main Lobby" where you can catch live performances, hop into a vendor-driven Q & A or listen to public service announcements and more. The main lobby is also where you can meet your friends and family as if you were going to a physical event. From the main lobby, you'll be able to see all the vendors that are participating and whether or not their Booth is currently open. You'll be able to search vendors too.

Click to enter a vendor's booth. When inside,  video and audio capabilities can be activated and you'll be able to interact with vendors as if you are at a physical event talking to them in person. You will also see their product line and with a click, add items to your cart. Ready to keep shopping? Head to the next booth. When you are all done, simply checkout and all your orders will be sent to each vendor for fulfillment.

Have a Store? Are you a Vendor? Try it for Free!

The Virtual Odd Market requires vendors and small-businesses to register first on Once approved, vendors log in and create their Store name, add inventory to their store and sign up for a subscription and start selling.

Here's the cool part. No more loading up the car, driving to an event, unloading, setting up. No more praying for great weather and for people to attend. No breaking down, packing up and driving home exhausted. Get creative in your home. Setup a cool backdrop and a display of your items. Fire up your camera on your smartphone, tablet or computer and get ready to make some sales. and meet people from all over the country. And if you are willing to ship internationally, your customers are worldwide. Need a break, log out and your booth is closed.

"Helping Small Businesses Thrive, Not Just Survive."

I know this is a lot to take in and it's all very new. Think of it as an event that happens in your home and globally. Open 24 hours. 7 days a week. It's immediate, it's fun and it brings community together during a time when it's most needed.

Going live on Saturday, April 4th at 10 a.m.
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