Odd Market 30. Covid 19. World Event Online

Author: Phillip Dane


First-Ever Virtual Odd Market

To say this is EPIC news is an Understatement.

On Saturday, April 4th the Odd Market will host the first-ever online virtual "Odd Market" with 30 Vendors and a worldwide audience!

I've been working literally around the clock, 2 am skype calls with Australia, 5 am with India and in between just talking to myself. I feel like the Dick Vandyke in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang locked in my office hammering out the solution to Covid -19. How can we sustain not only our own business but help support the thousands of displaced, eventless vendors in our community and worldwide?


We are scheduling a Pre-launch Press Event where the First 30 Vendors will be able to sell to the Media during our Media Event. It's a fully functioning run through of what these events will be like. You will be able to make sales and learn the ropes before the Official April 4th Launch.


CDC Shuts Down Events Until Further Notice

If we can't bring the PEOPLE to us then we will bring US to the people!


No other Event Company Can Offer This Unique Opportunity in an effort to help our Vendors during extremely challenging times. 

What is it?

The world's only global online "flea market or artists market" with the roll-out event happening on Saturday, April 4th, 2020. A select 30 Vendors will set up in their homes their pop-ups store (that is their booth). With a webcam or iPhone or tablet or computer, they will be able to participate in a Virtual Odd Market reaching a worldwide audience. IN the MAIN LOBBY we have a listing of all our Vendors. Online Attendees will be able to chat with each other and our Vendors but not use their video or sound in the Lobby. When they see a "Booth" they like and want to see what they have for sale, they enter the Vendors Booth (Z-Booth) and now they will have audio and video capabilities as if they physically walked into a booth at one of our events. 

Just as a Vendor can only get so many people in a 10x10 booth, the same is true for Z-Booths. Vendors can set the number of simultaneous customers they want in their Z-Booth, placing the rest in a queue. As people leave the Z-Booth, new ones enter.

Each Vendor will be able to show their line and sell directly from their Z-Booth. Customers can go from room to room adding items to their cart and when ready, check out with one transaction. The sale is automatically distributed to each Vendor along with taxes collected. We will require all Vendors to offer Free Shipping within the United States.

How does it work?

Vendors must complete their online store set up on our site. It's a virtual marketplace where every Vendor has its own store. The commission is 20% on items sold with no start-up fees, item listing fees or hidden fees. Vendors are strictly prohibited to sell items through outside platforms. All sales must be made from within or they will be banned from ever participating with Odd Market.

I've never used Zoom?

Not an issue. It is very simple to set up. We will walk you through the process. Once you set up Zoom once, you never have to mess with it again. Everything takes place on The Odd Market website.

How do I book my spot?

During the launch month of April, space will be limited to 30 Vendors. You will have the opportunity to book your spot once you have 1. Completed the store setup on the Odd Market Marketplace. 2. Added your inventory. The bookings will be done just as when you book for the Odd Nights or The Los Feliz Flea or any of our events.

How much does this cost?

Setting up your online store is Free. We collect 20% of the sales only. The booking fee for the Online Odd Market is $100 per Vendor. During the launch month, we are discounting the fee to $50.

Can I be featured?

Yes! Meet The Maker is a unique feature of our platform. If you want to be featured and present a 30-minute presentation and Q & A in the Main Lobby, you can purchase this for $100. It's a great way to share with up to 1000 people from around the world what you are all about. You can promote your "Meet The Maker" slot via Social Media, email blasts and on our site encouraging customers to log on and check you out. 

How do I get paid?

Payouts are down automatically every 2 weeks through Paypal. You earn 80% of sales plus the taxes collected and ship fees. DURING THIS STATE OF EMERGENCY, PAYOUT WILL HAPPEN IN REAL TIME! NO DELAYS. If you have returns, chargebacks or disputes, you are responsible to cover those costs as you would normally. 

How many events are scheduled and how many can I book?

During April we are planning a minimum of 10 events in an effort to get the flow of income back to us all. We have the capability to produce multiple events each day.