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Who doesn't love the Brooklyn Bridge? Nothing to with what I have to announce but such a great photo circa 1914.

New Design for Odd Nights at the Autry. Now I know many people simply don't like "change" and I get it, however, we sometimes need to make changes to better the event. I think that is what we have done. We are relocating all the food trucks to the West side of the parking lot allowing for more picnicking room on the field as well as more kids rides. 8 or 9 in total spread out around the perimeter of the field.

We hope you like the new design and remember the next Odd Nights is Friday June 15th 6pm -11pm.

We also produce a small Odd Market in Los Feliz every Saturday from 11am - 4pm.

New Design for Odd Nights

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Come join us. Odd Nights at The Autry

We love The Autry and its magical vibe. Located directly across from the LA Zoo, we take over the almost 3-acre field and parking lots to create a family fun event every month.

Next Event: Friday, June 15th 6-11pm
los feliz

Los Feliz oh how we love you.

This is a fun weekly event with 3-4 food trucks. 6-12 local makers and great people.

Every Saturday 11am - 4pm

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