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Lots of great bookings available. Take a look :)

Phillip Dane

This one is on me. No fee.

Annual Spring Festival produced by the Greater Valley Glen Council.

Expected: 350
Number of Trucks: 2 Savory + 1 Sweet

Sunday June 3rd 2pm-6pm
Fee: Free
Playhouse Block Party Postcard

Tried & tested: 10,000 people!

This is a massive one-day event in Pasadena.

Expected: 10,000
Number of Trucks: 6 Savory + 2 Sweet

Saturday June 9th 12pm-10pm
Fee: $225
Must have a Pasadena Health Permit or a day permit is available for a fee.
Food Truck in Los Feliz

Weekly Odd Market

Fun Family Odd Market on Saturdays.

Expected: 250+
Number of Trucks: 2-4

Every Saturday in Los Feliz
Fee: $85

New Odd Nighty at The Autry Layout

Autry Layout 2018 v2
Odd Nights at Autry (for june 15)

Odd Nights gets a new design.

Food Trucks will now be in the parking lot with visibility from the street and the LA Zoo.

Easy load in. Assigned spots.

Fee: $125

Next Odd Nights Friday June 15th