Opening Day Dec 26 through

January 6th Events

Special Dates From Santa Anita Park

Special Announcement If you were a Vendor at any Winterfest events, you are entitled to a complimentary date for each date you were at Winterfest for these Special Events being held from Dec 26th through January 6th. Santa Anita has agreed to allow me to offer you at no charge the following dates including Opening Day based on availability.

YOU MUST EMAIL ME BEFORE 3 PM. INCLUDE: The original date(s) of your Winterfest Bookings. Your Company Name. The Dates you are interested in.

These dates get 12,000 - 40,000 people each year.

Dates available: Hours are 10:30-7pm except Dec 26 9:30-7 and Jan 4 11-7
Dec 26 (50,000 attend)
Dec 28
Dec 29
Dec 30
Dec 31
Jan 1
Jan 4
Jan 5
Jan 6 (ice rink closes)

The Ice Rink, Pony Rides, and Inflatables will be open on these dates too.

This is Santa Anita's way of thanking you who participated at Winterfest. These booths traditionally run $500 per day. Marketing has agreed to allow my vendors this unique opportunity.

NON-Winterfest Participants

You too can book online up until today 12/22 at 3pm! Visit the Booking Portal to claim your spot. Tents and Bistro Lights are included. Rates: Pop-Ups: $100 Food Trucks: $200 (reg $500 in past years) Prepared Food: $200

More information:

700 S. Flower LA CA 90017