The Best Hedge Trimmers for Your Backyard

Corey Majeau

 When its comes to lawn maintenance, having to clean up and trim hedges can be a bit of a pain. You always must worry about making everything even, and then the cleanup afterwards is not an easy task. On top of that, dealing with pesky extension cords can be a […]

Best Spring Flea Markets in Europe in 2020

Nicolas Martin

  Europe’s flea markets this Spring promise exciting treasure hunts and adventure. The Spring season is special because many rare antique shows, which only take place twice or three times a year, resume their yearly activities in the last days of March. With no less than 50 major antique shows […]

The 7 Best Flea Markets in Kentucky

Brianna Ahearn

  Home of the Kentucky Derby, bourbon, and Louisville Slugger bats, Kentucky certainly has its place in American history. Traveling through the Bluegrass State will often lead you to Kentucky Derby collectibles, decanters, and primitives as thousands of high-quality items await you at malls, urban markets, and flea markets. Peruse […]

The 14 Best Antiquing Towns in the U.S.

Brianna Ahearn

  The best antiquing towns in the U.S. are located around the country and are a diverse collection of antique heavens for collectors. Found in tiny villages, large cities, and small towns, each destination offers well-stocked stores and busy markets full of antiques from every era or style. Stocking your […]