Check out that view!

Phillip Dane

This new market is certain to catch on fast with its spectacular views of the DTLA Skyline and tons of parking. The first one kicks off on Saturday, September 14th with up to 50 Pop-Ups. We will be rockin’ some great music and to be honest “testing the waters” with […]

20 Questions on YouTube coming soon.

Phillip Dane

I am excited to be launching a YouTube and Web Channel Series titled Meet The Makers. We will be producing a fun and factual series on our many Vendors and Food Trucks in the coming weeks. Each segment will be about 10 minutes in length and have a shotgun series […]

Zip Line down Commonwealth on Oct 5th

Phillip Dane

You heard right. I’m putting a 200′ Zip Line right down Commonwealth between Franklin and Clarissa. And a Beer and Wine Bar. And Bungee Jumping. And Mini Go-Karts. And 9 hole Mini Golf then add in the best BBQ brought to you by Highland Hickory            […]

No Cookin’ Tuesdays!

Phillip Dane

If you haven’t been yet to our cool little community event called Food Truckin’ Tuesdays then you might want to swing by tomorrow night. Starting at 5 Pm and going until 9 or 10 Pm (depends on how busy we are) we dish up 9 Food Trucks, some local vendors, […]

Shop Odd Market Online

Phillip Dane

It’s been about a week or so since we launched the Odd Market Place. We have a handful of great vendors up so far and more are in the works. Check out our Shop today and we’d love to hear from you. Our goal is to make items from the […]


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