The Furious Seasons @ 6:30

Phillip Dane

The Furious Seasons “…For listeners who enjoy the likes of Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, and Jason Isbell, you are about to find your new musical obsession. I sure did!”-No Depression #thefuriousseasons #oddmarket #theautry #oddnights

Niantic @ 9:30

Phillip Dane

A city full of transplants, and yet all four members of Niantic are from the Los Angeles area. We grew up right here, in the thick of it, watching people and ideas and flavors of the month come and go. So we transplanted styles. The goal is impossible — a […]

Dankrupt @ 8

Phillip Dane

Dankrupt is CALIROCK. A fresh mix of music and culture that the band embodies from their surroundings in Southern California. Effortlessly blending genres from Funk to Hard Rock, Reggae to Hip Hop, the band embodies influences such as Rage Against the Machine, Sublime & Red Hot Chili Peppers. This is the […]

Raised on TV @ 6:30

Phillip Dane

Raised on TV Over the past few years the band has been working relentlessly, touring, recording, and climbing what you might call “the great rock mountain.” They had the honor of sharing the stage with Jefferson Starship and Ozomatli at the Topanga Days 2017 Festival in Los Angeles, they premiered […]

Free Face Painting 6-8pm this Friday

Phillip Dane

Complimentary Face Painting for kids at Odd Nights at The Autry! DiscoEyes is festival face painting at it’s finest and fun for all ages. We create our own biodegradable eco-friendly glitter mixes for glitter beards, faces, and bodies. 6 PM – 8 PM


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