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The Best Los Angeles Festivals & Fairs this Spring

Good Bye Artsy Flea. Welcome Back Odd Market.

Good Bye Artsy Flea. Welcome Back Odd Market.

Don’t get me wrong, I love our Flea Louie character.flea-2-600px I just happen to really love the Odd Market brand. For those who are interested in how the name came about, read on as I will tell you.

A bunch of years ago my wife Shelly and I were asked to produce a series of events at Casa Vertigo in the Pico Union District. As much as I am not a fan of the area for producing events, we did fall in love with the building (not the name). We clearly were not about to call the new venture anything with Vertigo in the title. So after touring this amazing place, I turned to Shelly and said we need a great name for this show. Without skipping a beat she says, The Odd Market. And why you ask? Casa Vertigo was originally home to the Odd Fellows. We did a couple of shows there but the location was a killer. But the name Odd Market just stuck. So we are back to The Odd Market.

That’s it… – Phillip

How To Gear Up For Flea Market (Like A Pro)

You can always improvise yourself a flea market vendor for a day. If you’re missing a few convenience items like a table, a chair, an umbrella, a raincoat or a thermos filled with your favorite treat, you will very likely survive the day – though it won’t be your most memorable day. But if you’re planning to reiterate the experience on a regular basis, you will need the right stuff.

What Do You Need to Start Selling at the Flea Market?

Starting a weekend flea market business won’t cost you much money. Apart from products, you’ll need at least one folding table (about $40), which you might already have. A few plastic storage tubs (about $8 each) will work for carrying your products and as extra display tables. Do not forget other basics like a cup base, plastic bags, racks, tables, tablecloths, chairs and a tarp if it starts raining. If you sell clothes, try to borrow a garment rack.

However, if you really want to step seriously into the flea market business, there are a few additional things to take into consideration when it comes to gearing up for the flea market. Viatrading’s 101 Hints & Tips For Flea Market Success is probably the most accurate and complete source of information you will find on this topic. And if you wish to go the extra mile, A Fun and Low-Cost Business: Selling at Flea Markets and How And What To Sell At Flea Markets And Garage Sales are great resources.

  • Invest in a pop up shelter, as well as some good folding tables and folding chairs. Make sure you have some anchors (such as 2 ½ gallon buckets full of sandbags or cement) that you can use to hold your shelter down if the wind picks up. Cover the front and sides of your tables with a tablecloth (preferably solid colored), in order to hide all the empty boxes and stuff you have stored underneath. Presentation is very important to buyers and will help increase sales.
  • Setting up a canopy will not only give your space a professional store-like appearance, it will also give you protection from the hot sun or rain. After setting up your tables, arrange your merchandise in an organized manner. Remember, a junked-up messy area can take away from the value of some items. It can also cause people to start tripping all over the place.
  • If you need electricity, bring extension cords! Most flea markets have power outlets available but they are not necessarily going to be near your booth. You can often hook up to one of your neighbors’ power supply if you bring your own extension cord.
  • Make up a cash box ahead of time with plenty of change, and note down the total amount so that when you can take out the day’s receipts, the box is ready for next time. At the booth, keep the cash box close by and out of sight. More secure than a wallet or a cash box, money belts are your key to peace of mind when exhibiting at a flea market.
  • Use a tote bag to assemble a kit of things you’ll need such as marking pens and tags, pencils, markets, a notebook, price stickers or tags, tools set, extension cord, bungee cords, zipties or Velcro straps, safety pins, shopping bags for customers, tape, scissors, calculator, business cards, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, bug spray, aspirin/ibuprofen, a water bottleLeave the kit packed and ready to go each time. This saves time on sale day and helps ensure you don’t forget anything.
  • Pack a cooler! Most flea markets have a snack stand or place to get something to eat and drink but if you’re really busy, you might not have time to step out. Bring a cooler with ice packs, water, small snacks or anything to hold you over through the day.
  • If you sell clothing, fashion accessories or shoes, make sure you have a full length mirror in your booth. Shoppers love to check themselves out before buying an item – don’t lose out on a sale because a shopper can’t see what she looks like in the coat she is trying on!
  • Take advantage of technology and tools. If you only accept cash or check payments, consider accepting credit card payments, as accepting credit cards can increase your profits. This will make it easier to close sales with customers who may not be carrying enough money in cash. Consider obtaining a merchant service account with your bank and take advantage of Smartphone applications for Credit Card processing. These days, you can purchase a small adapter to turn your smart phone into a credit card processing terminal (the Square app).
  • Have a notebook or receipt book handy for customers who may request a receipt for their purchase. Don’t lose out on potential sales because you are not set up for receipts! Customized receipt books are also a great way to market your flea market booth! Notebooks are also useful to make notes of what customers are looking for and to keep track of what merchandise sell well.
  • Use garment racks to merchandise clothing by size. Avoid wasting time answering questions about whether you have this item in a particular size. Mark your racks by size and tell customers that everything you have in that size is on that particular rack.
  • Use inexpensive mannequins or mannequin torsos to display attractive pieces of clothing prominently.
  • Consider investing in plastic shopping bags with your business’s name and flea market stand number printed on them (if you have a permanent space). Other shoppers will see your bags all around the flea market and advertise for you once they leave the premises. If you don’t want to invest in your own custom plastic bags, save all the paper and plastic grocery bags you get when you go grocery shopping. Keep them all in a box at home and bring them out to every selling day. Customers will buy more if they have a way to take it all with them!

Source: 101 Hints & Tips For Flea Market Success

Packing the right flea market gear can save the day

Outdoor enthusiasts have their specialty store. So do boy scouts, tap dancers, witches and strippers – I swear this is true. Even umbrella enthusiasts have their own market place: The Old Umbrella Shop in central Launceston, northern Tasmania.

It seems there’s a market place for almost every hobby out there. So why wouldn’t there also be a market place for flea market enthusiasts?

Flea Market Insiders “Online Store” is the first online market place where flea market vendors & shoppers can search for specific gear made to improve their flea market experience. The idea of creating a specialty store for flea market enthusiasts, came from our own arduous beginnings as flea market vendors & shoppers. We all learn by making mistakes. But it wouldn’t have hurt if we had been able to avoid doing some, by being better equipped and prepared.flea market gear for vendors

And the same goes for flea market shoppers: the right gear & outfit literally helps go the extra mile(s) when most “competitors” are giving up and heading home. Think massive flea markets like Alameda, Rose Bowl, Munich’s Riesenflohmarkt Frühlingsfest, Ciney Expo or La Grande Braderie de Lille.

Gear for flea market shoppers

From Amazon’s products maze to our tiny online store

Flea Market Insiders “Online Store” features a broad variety of items (shopping carts, folding chairs & tables, energy bars, flashlights, weather protection, e-payment solutions…), which have been individually handpicked on three important criteria: product rating, competitive price and, above all, relevancy to the flea market world; we only picked products that answered “Yes” to the question “would we personally use it or wear it at the flea market?”.

All items featured on our online store are Amazon products, which means fast delivery, a money-back policy with most products, and great prices.

flea market gear for vendors

So what’s in for us?

Our job is to take care of the laborious product search process, in order to showcase only the best items that could potentially appeal to flea market enthusiasts from around the world. What’s in for us, is a small commission paid by Amazon at no extra cost for you, every time you make a purchase through our store. You’re happy, Amazon’s happy, we’re happy. Everybody’s happy.

And the cool thing is that our shop is constantly growing with the addition of new products every day!

So, ready to gear up and own that flea market?


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10 Decluttering Hacks Every Millennial Needs To Know

10 Decluttering Hacks Every Millennial Needs To Know

Have you been staring at the same pile of stuff in the corner of your apartment for weeks upon weeks? We’re right there with you. While we wish we could just close our eyes and our clutter would disappear, sadly, that’s not the case.

Spring cleaning is calling our names. But do any of us have the time to sit and organize every inch of our home? That’s where organizing expert Fay Wolf comes in. Wolf has just debuted a book called New Order: A Decluttering Handbook for Creative Folks (and Everyone Else) that’s full of millennially minded tips that will help you clean-attack your space. Ahead, she shares a few of her very best strategies.

Stay Where You Are
“Our impulse is to shop for shelves and containers before we start decluttering. NOPE! Kindly stay home and start with the stuff. Once you know what you’re keeping, you can buy any necessary organizing products later.”

Sorting Bins = Smooth Sailing
“‘But where do I begin?’ you may say. Start by labeling a few empty boxes, bins, or brown grocery bags with the following category names: donate, trash, shred, recycle, other rooms. Then, those sorting bins can travel with you to any area you declutter. Having a place to chuck things will get this party started right quick.”

Other Rooms, FTW
“If you’ve decided you’re decluttering your closet for the next 45 minutes, don’t wander off into the kitchen when you find an old fork hidden in your gym bag. (The next thing you know you’re washing dishes and eating Cheetos and ‘wait, wasn’t I purging my closet?’ Doh!) Throw things like that fork into a bin called ‘Other Rooms’ and deliver them later. You’ll save loads of time by staying put and completing the task at hand.”

Labels Are Cool, Promise
“Rid yourself of the idea that labels are just for obsessive Type-A types. Labeling boxes and bins is just about making it easier on yourself — nothing more. (They don’t even have to look pretty! Sharpies work just fine.) So, for any containers or areas where items are out of view, label like the wind. And make those words specific. Thank yourself later.”

Hook It
“Quite possibly the most affordable organizing product out there is also one that can make the most difference in your life. Yup, I’m talking about hooks. You can get them at any hardware store (or a million places online) or opt for fancier ones like the Eames rack pictured here. I’ve got some hanging right next to my front door for jackets and bags, and a few [in other places].”

Make Use Of Old iPhone Boxes
“I know you probably still have that iPhone or Android box laying around somewhere, because I’ve discovered tons of them in clients’ homes. And I know you also probably have a junk drawer somewhere that’s a wee bit out of hand. (We all do.) Do a little drawer purging, separate out items that go together, and then use the open boxes to make clear divisions within the drawer. Checkbook and jewelry boxes work great, too.”

Empty Pockets
“Over the years, I’ve found more than a few things in the pockets of clothing that’s being donated. Sometimes I’ll find trash, sometimes I’ll find a missing earring, and sometimes I’ll find cold hard cash. So empty those pockets before passing your stuff along and you might find a sweet reward.”

Take A Photo
“Yes, sentimental items are tough to part with. I get it, that corsage bracelet from prom sure brings back all the warm fuzzies. But I’ll bet about 90% of the stuff you’ve got would bring you just as much joy in photo form. Start a digital album for memorabilia, and then donate the actual stuff. Win-win.”

Be A Storage Weirdo
“Short on storage space in your apartment? Think outside the, er, container. I’m not a huge cook, so I used to store party supplies (like paper plates and cups) in my freezer. There was a bunch of unused real estate in there, and that’s what worked for me. Give yourself permission to store whatever you want wherever you want.”

Get Empty
“On the flip side, you don’t have to fill up all your storage spaces just because you have them. For deep cabinets that stretch back into a black hole, try storing stuff only in the front. Got a lot of drawers? Be an outlaw. Leave one empty. Leave room to breathe.”

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6 Smart Ways To Store Your Shoes

10 Household Hacks Every 20-Something Should Know

Reasons To Be Glad You Still Rent
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Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel

Spanish workshop Bel & Bel founded by artists and designers Carles Bel and Jesus Bel, have launched a new limited edition of its famous Scooter Chair: the BV-14 Vespa Scooter Chair.

Made from original parts of the iconic Italian Vespas from the 1960’s-1980’s, each handmade Vespa Scooter Chair is fully manufactured and customized by Bel & Bel, which upcycles chassis of vintage Vespa scooters in order to create an original and unique model of swivel chair. 

Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel-018
Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel-020
Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel-002
Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel-003
Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel-009
Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel
Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel-004
Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel-011
Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel-013
Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel-014
Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel-015
Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel-016

Features-wise, each Vespa Scooter Chair showcases the basic modern functionalities you can expect to find in a modern reclining swivel chair: The Vespa Scooter Chair features a sturdy internal structure with a hydraulic base that enables it to be adjusted in height. To create a comfortable ergonomic chair with a contemporary edge, Bel&Bel used a tailored upholstery in real or faux leather, and soft tread silent wheels.

Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel-002
Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel-006
Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel-005
Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel-007
Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel-008
Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel-019
Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel-012
Vespa Scooter Chair by Bel&Bel-001

Besides being a beautiful expression of contemporary design, Vespa Scooter Chairs are numbered series (which means that each unit produced is absolutely unique) and come with a certificate of authenticity delivered by the company. Last but not least: if you wish to own something really unique, you can have the Vespa Scooter Chairs’s base model customized to your taste, with a wide variety of extra features like chromed armrests or Flashing LED Warning Lights.

If you are in love with the classics, and are looking for that unique piece that is elegant and functional, look no further. The artisanal character of the Vespa Scooter Chair, mixed with the high-end components it features, make it a beautiful piece of contemporary design.

BV-14 Vespa Scooter Chair Specs

Width: 23 inches (60 cm)
Height: 46 inches (120 cm)
Depth: 27 inches (70 cm)
Approximate weight: 44 lbs (20 Kg)
Colors: Available in all colors
Price: $1,700

Custom Furniture

Bel&Bel also has a few unique custom made pieces of furniture for customers who are looking for something really special to furnish their home. Made from reclaimed vintage Spanish SEAT cars, each items is fully hand-made on demand, which makes it a unique product.

Furniture like the SOFA 600 (175 cm x 90 cm x 110 cm), integrates many details of a vintage SEAT 600, with working headlights and sidelights, as well as a trunk with a power outlet on the back to install a mini-bar or a stereo system (the sofa can be connected via a single cable directly to a 230 V wall plug).

SEAT 600 Sofa by Bel&Bel-001
SEAT 600 Sofa by Bel&Bel-002
SEAT 600 Sofa by Bel&Bel

For the SOFA 600 LOW RIDER, Bel&Bel kept the rear axe and two wheels of a vintage SEAT 600D, and adapted a hydraulic system that allows raising the sofa 1.5 meters above its base.

SOFA 600 LOW RIDER by Bel & Bel
SOFA 600 LOW RIDER by Bel & Bel-002
SOFA 600 LOW RIDER by Bel & Bel-001

Bel&Bel’s furniture somehow express part of the nostalgic story of the 60’s-70’s and are timeless piece of art and design, which get to live a second life as a stunning piece of furniture. A durable creation loaded with symbolism.

All images courtesy of Bel & Bel

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The Best Photos Of How Celebrities Are Spending Easter

The Best Photos Of How Celebrities Are Spending Easter

For a lot of us, Easter marks the real beginning of spring, no matter what the calendar says.

And celebrities are feeling the change, too! We’ve gathered some of the gorgeous and inspiring ways that our favorite celebrities and fashion people are celebrating the holiday.

As the unofficial start of the season, Easter’s always full of springtime colors and sunshiny activities. From eggs hunts to Easter baskets, it’s time to get out and welcome the warmth! Like us, it looks like a lot of celebrities have a case of spring fever. Even though Easter isn’t until tomorrow, a lot of our favorite celebrities are hopping to it early. Why wait, after all?

Whether you’re celebrating it for its Christian meaning, its Pagan roots, or just because there’s no good reason to turn down bunny-shaped chocolate, it’s always a good time for an egg-based holiday. So, get your bunnies hopping, your eggs rolling, and click through for some gorgeous springtime celebration!

Sarah Michelle Gellar is hopping to it!

Rose McGowan’s pug is not vibing this whole situation.

Joan Smalls is about that bunny life.

This is how Victoria Secret’s models do Easter, according to Adriana Lima.

Eva Longoria goes full bunny.

Gabrielle Union chills out on the water in Easter colors.

Mariah Carey (queen of Christmas) celebrated her Easter in London with her twins (and a throne).

The Obamas slay in their Easter photo.

Ruby Rose’s puppy is sending you Easter love.

Sophia Bush’s emoji eggs were epic.

Nice shades, Michael Bublé!

The Easter bunny left grass everywhere at Rachel Bilson’s house.

Ariel Winter celebrated Easter in a white dress with a plunging neckline.

Kristin Cavallari shared a photo of her daughter, Saylor, wearing her first tutu for Easter.

Diane Kruger is the chicest Easter bunny, ever.

Tori Kelly shared a photo of her eggs and dye.

Jenna Ushkowitz’s dog wins most adorable bunny costume.

The Easter bunny left a mess at Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s home.

Julianne Hough showed off her incredible egg-dying skills.

Melissa Joan Hart rocked bunny ears and gave a us a fun fact: She was born on Easter.

Emma Roberts is all about bunnies, flowers, and puns this Easter.

The baby Kardashians were as cute as little bunnies in this #TBT posted by mom Kris.

Naomi Watts did not skimp on her eggffort.

Barbie brought her best bun to the party!

Jessica Capshaw of Grey’s Anatomy shows off her egg-cellent design skills.

No yolk here — we’re not at all surprised that Reese Witherspoon would make some beautiful watercolor eggs.

Hey, Britney! This was actually for Good Friday. I guess the yolk’s on us.

Zac Posen made these delish looking chocolate cupcakes with his niece for the holiday.

Little Everly Dewan-Tatum was probably Peeping with excitement on her early Easter egg hunt!

Jaime King brought the four chocolate bunnies of the ahopalypse.

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Taylor Swift Had A Massive Easter Egg Battle With Her Brother

Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna Make Strip Club Flirting Cute
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Salon de la Bibliophilie et du Document Ancien

The Salon de la Bibliophilie et du Document Ancien (the Ancient Documents and Book Fair) is the unmissable and long awaited rendezvous of collectors, dealers, enthusiasts and lovers of past and present writing in all its shapes.

Organized once a year by Joel Garcia Organisation, the Ancient Documents and Book fair is usually held in the beautiful setting of the Place Saint Sulpice in Paris. During four days, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., a hundred exhibitors offer their goods in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Salon de la Bibliophilie et du Document ancien
Salon de la Bibliophilie et du Document ancien-005
Salon de la Bibliophilie et du Document ancien-007
Salon de la Bibliophilie et du Document ancien-006

From autographed works, iconography, engraving, printmaking, and rare books, to original works of ancient and modern painters, old books from the eighteenth and nineteenth century, illustrated books, ancient and modern medicine prints, drawing boards, lithographs, and more, thousands of books await the visitor. And all these wonders testify to the richness of French and foreign heritage.

Salon de la Bibliophilie et du Document ancien-002
Salon de la Bibliophilie et du Document ancien-003
Salon de la Bibliophilie et du Document ancien-004
Salon de la Bibliophilie et du Document ancien-001

The next fair will take place from April 28th to May 2nd 2016, but this time in Paris Bastille.
More info:

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Vintage Vinyl: A Never Ending Love Story

The crackle of the needle hitting the record, the warm fuzz and the engrossing depth of sound… this is the moment when the love story begins. Vintage vinyls are currently on trend with sales reaching a 20 year high and the revival is largely driven by a new, young generation. Owning an old vinyl record brings a level of romance to the music. Be it the famous cover from Abbey Road or Andy Warhol’s peeling banana – vintage vinyl records are, just like a piece of art, an object of admiration.

Vintage Vinyl: Starting The Romance

Vinyl records have been a part of my life from my early youth onwards. I can remember sitting in the front room as a small child with headphones on, going through my father’s collection pretending I was a radio DJ. From the first moment I heard the ‘Perfect Pop’ of The Beatles, the raw energy of The Rolling Stones and the passionate blues from JJ Cale, I fell in love with these classic old LPs.

If you are looking at starting your own vintage vinyl collection, rummaging through your parents attics is a great place to begin and the vintage vinyl you will find have more than just monetary value.

“Is it wrong, wanting to be at home with your record collection? It’s not like collecting records is like collecting stamps, or beermats, or antique thimbles. There’s a whole world in here, a nicer, dirtier, more violent, more peaceful, more colorful, sleazier, more dangerous, more loving world than the world I live in; there is history, and geography, and poetry, and countless other things I should have studied at school, including music.” ― Nick Hornby, High Fidelity

How to start a Vintage Vinyl collection

Vintage Vinyl: The Joy Of The Hunt

If it’s not already part of your weekend routine, visiting a physical record store can give you a great idea of what is on the market. However, the quickest and easiest way to buy vintage vinyl records, is online. Websites such as Discogs and Amazon offer a vast choice of vintage vinyls, with varied quality and prices from thousands of sellers from across the globe.

But nothing beats charity shops and flea markets if you are on the hunt for those truly rare LPs. A bargain can typically be found with relative ease, even though patience is key. After sifting through piles of cheesy pop artists with outrageous vinyl covers, you will come across that Sgt. Pepper’s vintage vinyl for only £5. The satisfaction you will feel cannot be compared with anything else and the thrill of the chase can excite even the coldest of hearts.

Brick Lane Flea Market - London, UK-066

Vintage Vinyl vs CD: Sound On Sound

What sounds better, a vintage vinyl or a CD? It mainly depends on the equipment used and the quality of the record. Generally speaking, the analog sound of a vintage vinyl record offers a more accurate listening experience than the compressed digital sound of a CD. Analog signals are the ‘real’ sound, whereas digital are close approximations, or snapshots, of the intended sound. Vintage vinyl records produce a sound closer to what the artists originally intended.

Many original records have been digitally remastered and re-released on vinyl, offering a ‘newer’ sound, however, this remastering is digital as well. Neil Young calls them “CDs on a vinyl, which is really nothing but a fashion statement.” Collectors prefer the original pressings, making vintage vinyls much more valuable.

The sound is understandingly also influenced by the quality of a record. Scratches and damage to the surface will devalue the quality. However, a clean vintage vinyl, played on good audio equipment will always deliver a warmer and fuller sound than a CD.

Vintage Vinyl: 5 Tips To Buy Right

When investing in a vintage vinyl, it’s vital to identify a rare gem from a rip off. With the following purchase tips everyone will consider you a pro when you buy a vintage vinyl next.

  1. Start your collection with the old LPs you love. Knowing the record intimately gives you a better idea on its value and as your collection of vintage vinyls grows, so does your confidence.
  2. Always check the quality of a vintage vinyl. Make sure the record isn’t badly scratched and the sleeve isn’t held together with tape. Try buy VG quality or better.
  3. Never pass on your gut instinct. Don’t walk away from something you feel is right as you will regret it. Always.
  4. Negotiate. If you feel the price of a vintage vinyl is too high, try cut a deal. You will be surprised how much room there is for manœuvre.
  5. If you have found what you were looking for, sit back with a glass of wine, turn the record player on and enjoy the sound of magic of your newly acquired vintage vinyl.

buying vintage vinyl

5 Vintage Vinyls To Stop You In Your Tracks

Should you ever come across these vintage vinyls at a flea market for a song – please do buy them! Five examples of very rare LPs that will blow your mind.

The Beatles – The Beatles (The White Album)

To start with a true classic and one of the most famous vintage vinyl in history: Ringo Starr’s personal copy with the melodious name No.0000001, sold for an astonishing $790,000, the highest fee ever paid for a single vintage record.

beatles white album cover

Bob Dylan – The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan

Dylan’s second album. The original pressing is one of the rarest in existence with just a dozen thought to exist. This vintage vinyl features four songs left off all subsequent releases. Value? Up to $30,000.


The Velvet Underground & Nico – The Velvet Underground & Nico

Considered one of the most influential rock albums of all time, the cover design came with a ‘peel-able banana’ from Andy Warhol. Not just a record, but a work of art. Near mint copies of this vintage vinyl sell at auction for over $4,000.

The Velvet Underground & Nico

Sex Pistols – God Save The Queen/No Feelings (single)

The withdrawn single from their brief spell at A&M records. Very few are known to still exist which puts the value of this vintage vinyl towards an incredible $20,000.

God Save The Queen-No Feelings (single)

The Upholsterers – Your Furniture Was Dead……I Was Just Afraid To Tell You

In 2004, Jack White formed The Upholsterers with musician and friend Brian Muldoon. The pair hid 100 copies of their song ‘Your Furniture Was Dead……I Was Just Afraid To Tell You’ inside reupholstered furniture. To date, only 2 have been found.

The Upholsterers

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Coldwater Canyon Provisions Pickles & Jams $2 off special. Back at Van De Kamp

Coldwater Canyon Provisions Pickles & Jams $2 off special. Back at Van De Kamp

Pretty jars 2We are SO HAPPY to be back April 2 at #TheArtsyFlea at the old #VanDeKampBakery in #Atwater #AtwaterVillage   To celebrate — mention you saw this post, and receive $2 off your purchase – it’s like getting #freeadmission to the market, as your entry fee is covered!  One offer per adult, per purchase –multiple discounts may not be combined for purchase.  As always, come by the booth and sample any of our 25+ varieties of #pickles and #jams.  @oddmarket #oddmarketLA #artsyflea #ColdwaterRondo @ColdwaterRondo #ColdwaterCanyon #ColdwaterCanyonProvisons #LosAngeles #EchoPark #SilverLake #LosFeliz #Hollywood #HollywoodHills #StudioCity #NoHo #NorthHollywood #Glendale #Burbank #Pasadena #SouthPas #SouthPasadena #Altadena #GlassellPark #HancockPark #EagleRock #DTLA #NELA #WeHo #Alhambra