Month: March 2014

Grab lunch at ATT Lunch Lot Mon-Fri

We have launched the new ATT Lunch Lot on 11th and Olive in Downtown Los Angeles. Monday thru Friday between 11am – 2pm we will have one or two food trucks parked in the corner lot. Tomorrow we have Vchos and it’s also your last chance to eat off the Red Beanz and Rice truck! Come show some love tomorrow.

Facebook finally approves name change.

Never knew how difficult it would be to have Facebook simply change the name of the Downtown Flea Fan Page to L.A. Event Co. After being told they would not twice, they finally came around after a compelling email I sent. So within 2 weeks, Our FB name will be changed.

Foto Pod At Sportsmen

We are excited to announce that Foto Pod will be at the Grand Opening of the Sportsmen’s Lodge Night Market on May 1st. Come get dressed all funky and snap some pictures!

L.A. Event Co – Ticket Tool

Proud to have teamed up with Ticket Tool. The best online ticketing platform out there.